• Welcome! If you’re new to our worship service, welcome to our church!  You are invited to stay for snacks and refreshment at the Fellowship Hall after today’s service.  If you like us to connect with you, please email us at hello@vcefc.org so that someone from the care team can reach out to you.
    • Our church’s outreach ministry, Joyful Centre, is hosting a friendly Piano Contest. Come join and enjoy an afternoon of music followed by refreshments
      Date: Sep 24 Sunday
      Time: 4:15pm
      Age: 12 or under
      Contest Materials: 1 song – RCM (6th Ed.) up to level 5
      OR Piano Adventures (2nd Ed.) level 1 to 3B
      Contact: Joyful@vcefc.org or (604) 254-1242
    • Sunday School Class:
      ○ Church History II: Protestant Reformation and Theology by Pastor Joe Yu
      The Protestant Reformation was one of the major epochs in European history. It began in 1517 with the publication of Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five. It changed people’s way of looking at themselves and the world, it led to wider European literacy, and eventually forced governments to grant religious freedoms. More importantly in our Sunday school context, it impacted our view of the role and relation between the Church and individual believers, as well our theology about faith and salvation.
      ○ How to Interpret the Bible II by Hansel Wang
      As an extension to the general principles and guidelines that govern the interpretation process for the Bible. This “Part II” course explores the specific rules for the interpretation of different literary types, such as narrative, prophecy, epistle, apocalypse, etc., in both the Old and New Testament.
    • For our third Sunday of the month event on September 17th, we will be doing a program call The Wisdom Session. The objective of the meeting is for brothers and sisters to encourage one another spiritually through sharing and learning of life experiences as a Christian. The meeting is meant to encourage the building of spiritual friendships across different ages and life stages, learn from one another, and motivate each other to grow spiritually.
      Lunch 12:45-1:15 (Bring your own lunch and eat together)
      Small Group Question and Answer Period 1:15-2:30
      Refreshment 2:30-2:45
    • Chinese International Missions (CIM) will hold a sharing event at our church for their Roma ministry in Ukraine.
      Date: September 30, Saturday
      Time: 7:30 pm
      Theme: Mercy in the Midst of Turmoil
      Speakers: Vlad Matvieiev and Vasyl Fenchak
      We are honoured to have Pastor Vlad Matvieiev and Pastor Vasyl Fenchak from Ukraine with us to share their first-hand experiences, witnessing the cruelty of human nature, and also testifying to God’s miraculous work in the midst of darkness. Please reserve time to join the event, and pray for the critical situation in Ukraine.
    • Open Gym for the church: 3pm-5:30 every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at Vancouver Christian School (Entrance through the front garage gate).
    • Volunteer is needed to help with our neighbourhood coffee ministry. It is a way for us to reach out and get to know our neighbours by serving them with coffee and refreshments.  The next one is on Sep 24.
    • As the church continue to grow, we have noticed that more and more brothers and sisters in church may share the same first and last names. Please make sure to include your phone number (or mailing address) on the Offering Envelop or on the Remarks Section for e-transfer to avoid confusion on your Donation Slip.
    • In the event that your contact information has changed (i.e. address, telephone number, or email address), please contact the church office to update the directory.
    • Based on the recommendation from the VCEFC Critical Response Team and the approval from the Church Board, the mask mandate is changed from mandatory to recommended starting on April 1. Due to the health and comfort of the others, please consider wearing a mask when there is a mass gathering. Continue to stay at home if you are not feeling well.
    • Are you looking for ways to exercise your gifts and to serve the Lord in our church community? We invite you to go to our church’s website to take a look at the descriptions of the various service opportunities available and instruction on how to get involve in our ministry teams. The direct link is https://vcefc.org/1033/serve
    • You can download our bulletin and reflection questions for today’s service either through the QR code on screen or through the church’s website at VCEFC.org.
    • The Church Administrator position has been posted in the career section of the church website and with some selected Christian education institutions.
    • For ministries, fellowships and small groups to have meetings in Church, please inform the office by email at least one week ahead to book rooms. Room availability can be checked in our website. Please click “Room Booking” under “Contact Us” in the main menu.
    • In addition to the regular prayer meetings on Wednesday, we invite you in praying for Mission and Evangelism on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 to 8:30pm.
    • Community prayer time will resume back to meeting every Wednesday night at 7:30. Join us in praying as a community for our church, our city and the world. https://zoom.us/j/446506289
    • Small groups and Fellowships are available for all ages and life stages, from teens through college, adults and career, all the way to retired seniors. For more information on our various fellowships and small groups please visit our church website under the “Get Connected” section on the menu tab, or email us at hello@vcefc.org .
    • Welcome Team for Hong Kong Newcomers has been established in order to welcome and show hospitality to both fellow Christians and friends who immigrate or return to Canada from Hong Kong. If you have family or friends who have recently moved to or are planning to move to Vancouver, looking for church or some assistance, please feel free to contact Pastor Job Chan (jobchan@vcefc.org) or Yeda Hong (vcefc.welcome@gmail.com). Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/100847038934841/
    • ONLINE OFFERING: Now you have the option to give your offering through Interac e-transfer. You can still mail your cheques, or drop off your offering at the church. For further instruction on how to  give online, click here.
    • CONTACT US: We know that this can be a difficult and distressing time for some. If you have any needs, concerns or prayer requests, we want to hear from you.  You can connect with the church through email at admin@vcefc.org or by phone at (604) 254-1242.


  • PRAYER ITEMS: Click Here

    • Please pray that during the application review process that the PSC continues to be sensitive to the guiding of the Holy Spirit.
    • Please also pray for the pastoral candidates themselves as they undergoing the application review process that they continue to receive discernment and encouragement to where God is leading to serve next.
    1. Please email your prayer requests to Pastor Joe (josephyu@vcefc.org) indicating if they are private or to be posted.
    2. Join us every Wednesday night at 7:30 pm to pray as a community for our church, our city and the world. https://zoom.us/j/446506289

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