News from VCEFC Critical Response Team (April 1, 2022)

covid19-bannerOn April 8, BC public health will remove further restrictions for gathering. In anticipation of this change, as well as considering the health and safety of the congregation. VCEFC will revise the safety guidelines for church gatherings as follows, starting April 8.

1. Remove capacity limits of worship services and meetings at church facilities. Individual ministry teams (e.g. children’s worship, Awana Club, etc.) can still set their own capacity limits as they see fit. 

2. Remove the requirement of pre-registration for in-person worship services. 

3. Remove the requirement of checking proof of vaccination at all gatherings. 

4. Remove the requirement of providing contact information when visiting church. 

5. Mask wearing remains mandatory for everyone 5 years or older. 

6. Anyone tested positive for Covid-19 or have symptoms of Covid must stay at home for 10 days, with no fever and symptoms subsides.  

Please continue to check the church website for the latest updates. Should there be any questions or concerns, please contact the church office.